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Custom Interface

Not all businesses are alike and, as such, not all businesses have the same needs. That's why Onsense is customized based on your specific industry and job function to deliver real-time updates and insights that matter.

Custom Interface

Track information from anywhere on the web

Track information from anywhere on the web

Onsense's advanced sourcing module lets you track information from anywhere on the internet, in any language, including social media and industry-specific websites to help you keep track of new product launches, leadership changes, events, leadership styles, and news in real time.

Seamless Integration with Custom Research

The Onsense platform can be integrated with Netscribes, Inc. research and analytics to deliver deeper insights about customers, competition and markets.

Seamless Integration with Custom Research



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Industry Coverage

banking and insurance

Banking & Insurance

media communication

Media & Telecomunications

information technology

Information Technology

consumer packaged goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

life sciences

Life Sciences

How it Works

Onsense machine back end

Step 1

Onsense sources contextually-relevant information from the Web, social media, and user-defined sources based on advanced web scraping and search keywords.

Step 2

The sourced content is then de-duplicated and tagged by human experts (not bots) and then passed through our machine learning algorithms.

Step 3

Machine-derived content is critically analyzed by an in-house team of Research Analysts to derive relevant insights to solve the exact business problems of our clients.

Step 4

Onsense provides a perfect blend of custom research along with the aggregation and curation of information in real time to give you insights about your customers, competitors, and industries.

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